The issue of food sensitivity is one that’s gained greater attention over the past few decades. That’s because roughly 25 percent of the population has some form of this affliction, a situation that can end up resulting in having someone asking themselves: where is there an Urgent Care near me?

Medi-Station Urgent Care has dealt with this concern on countless occasions. In order to help aid the process of determining if this problem is present in your life, listed below are five signs that you’re dealing with food sensitivity:


Some foods aren’t considered drugs, yet they can end up producing much of the same effects. Items that are sugar-based, those with gluten in them and plenty of dairy products can be consumed and then lead to withdrawal symptoms in a relatively short period of time.

Before you ask yourself: where is there an Urgent Care near me, make sure to take stock of what you’re eating. If you find that you’re much more sensitive in certain aspects of your everyday life, you should give serious consideration to the prospect of vulnerability to a food product being a possible culprit.


While you might not be moody after consuming food, you can find that your energy has diminished. Ordinarily, this type of activity should be providing sustenance and a boost in your step. A high-carb diet or one that has plenty of refined sugar in it can instead deliver a negative impact.

Digestive Problems

Medi-Station Urgent Care may see cases of people with stomach trouble, such as ulcers, though sensitivity to food can result in things like constipation, gas and heartburn. None of these afflictions are pleasant, so it’s important to determine if your dairy intake is the problem.

Lactose intolerance can end up making your life miserable if it’s not diagnosed. The older you get, the more possible it is that this might be your problem, with different levels of severity connected to it.

Joint Pain

The aging process and vigorous workouts might be affecting your joints due to inflammation. However, given the fact that this symptom is the most prominent when considering sensitivity to food, attention to certain components connected to items is necessary.

Looking more closely at gluten intake, your dairy consumption and the amount of soy in your diet can help figure things out. The reason stems from consuming GMO-based foods, those that were treated with pesticides or from any antibiotics used.

Migraine Headaches

The unrelenting pain that comes with this sort of ailment is something no one wants to deal with once, much less on multiple occasions. Liquids that have a tendency to dehydrate the body, such as caffeine-based drinks or those will some level of alcohol in them can render this sort of retribution.

Another factor can be connected to the consumption of cheese, with aspects like how the product is produced serving as possible triggers. The cultures inside certain cheeses, as well as the molds, can help offer a distinctive taste yet take a toll on an individual’s body.

Finding the Answer

At our Miami Urgent Care location, we can help you determine if food sensitivity is connected to your health issues and will help plot a new path in making sure that any future problems are limited, if not eradicated outright. So when you find yourself asking: where is there an Urgent Care near me, give us a call at 305-603-7650 or fill out the online form on our website. We’re ready to help make your life better, so contact us today.

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