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A Few Words from OUR PATIENTS

I have visited the Miami Shores Medi-Station Urgent Care facility on numerous occasions and have been very satisfied. I would like to commend Mr. Robert Beltran, who has treated me on most occasions and was very attentive and comforting. He is recognized and appreciated.

Michael J. Cibula Google December 10, 2018

Medi-Station is dedicated to providing for the Medical needs of the Business Community. It is our commitment to provide the highest quality professional services and ancillary testing for the needs of our clients, including work related injuries, physical examinations, vaccinations and additional testing needs. Our Medical Staff understands the needs of the patients as well as those of the employer.

Employer Services:

  • Comprehensive Medical Treatment of Work Related Injuries
  • Appropriate Return to Work Policy
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Medical Management of Worker’s Compensation Cases
  • Subspecialty Referrals Utilization and Development of Light Duty Programs

Work Physicals

A Work Physical is an essential requirement for work! This ensures your safety during that shift at the club, construction site, or just the local office. So don’t waste time with a regular doctor spot when you can get it cleared here.

Good for people who: Have recently moved into new jobs or just changed careers and need their bodies cleared by a doctor too. Might also need some age-range waivers as well if they’re moving into more mature roles that interest them.  In addition to  more hard-working ones that would wear them down otherwise!

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