Christina Leon

June 21, 2018

I just noticed this urgent care was open a few weeks ago and happened to pass by it several times. I thought to myself that I should try it if I had a non emergent scenario. I was having some appendix pains on a Friday evening and decided to see what hours that this urgent care has open and voila ! It was the earliest open urgent care in the vicinity on a Saturday morning. In fact, I came in and they helped me to a room right away and had the doctor see me in no time. I was with my mother and they politely asked whether or not I wanted her to be present in the room and then Dr. Jose Perez diagnosed me immediately and thought he was 90% sure with his diagnoses. Well he was 100% sure! What a great physician! So caring and amicable. I wish I could have him as a PCP! Then medi station called me over 3x including the doc himself to find out how I was doing over the next couple of days. Couldn’t be any better! I highly recommend this place, although I wish it would remain a secret because it’s that good. If you need to go to an Urgent Care, please consider this place. Medi Station is faster than and just as professional as Baptist and I know that by experience.

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