avoiding the flu

The arrival of winter is something that brings a feeling of dread for some people, primarily due to the noticeable dip in temperatures that takes place. Another factor in such emotions relates to the increased vulnerability in contracting cold and flu, the latter of which can be especially debilitating.

When it comes to either avoiding a cold or avoiding the flu, there are some fairly easy steps that you can take. Most of these fall into the category of simple common sense, which some people, unfortunately, cast aside. That leads to them subsequently asking, “Where is there an Urgent Care near me?”

Here are five examples of how not to fall victim to either the cold or flu:

Consistent Hygiene

Your hands can be a dangerous conduit in both delivering and transporting germs, which means that frequently washing them can help in avoiding a cold or avoiding the flu. Shaking hands and touching door handles or other items suddenly becomes riskier at this time of year, so if you’re unable to get your hands washed, limit your contact in these areas.

Many people like to use the same tissues over and over, which leaves them unnecessarily exposed to germs. A simple solution is to throw out a tissue after it’s been used a single time. After all, the cost of a single tissue is cheaper for you than having to ask yourself: where is there an Urgent Care near me?

Eating Right and Staying in Shape

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, drinking additional fluids to stay properly hydrated can all benefit your health at any time of year. During the winter months, they can help keep your digestive system at its peak and the physical activity can help keep your circulation flowing. In the latter instance, it’s important not to overdo your exercise, since that has a tendency to be counter-productive to your health.

Get Enough Rest

Individuals who are seemingly always on the go can often find themselves with less time to get the proper rest. In addition, people who are experiencing periods of stress can also miss hours of sleep at a time. Not addressing this matter can have a cumulative effect that results in increased fatigue, which in turn leads to a greater risk of infection from a cold or flu virus.

Dress for the Weather

Colder temperatures means warmer clothing needs to be worn. Yet some people choose to limit themselves in this area, which can result in dangers far beyond the cold and flu. On the other end of the spectrum, adding too many layers for more temperate weather can leave you overheated, increasing the prospect of illness in one form or another.

Get a Flu Shot

Getting vaccinated as a way of avoiding the flu can help possibly avoid the prospect of having to miss work or school because you can barely get out of bed. While this approach isn’t fool-proof because of the many different strains of influenza that tend to emerge, it offers a clear weapon in addressing the issue.

The Place to Go

Avoiding a cold shouldn’t be that difficult, though the same can’t always be said about the flu. Medi-Station Urgent Care is ready to help you get back to health, especially with those illnesses that come about suddenly. There’s no need to wonder: where is there an Urgent Care near me? That’ because we’re located in Miami Shores and can be reached at 305-603-7650. Contact us today and let us help you.

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