Medi-Station Wellness Services offer a variety of intravenous treatments in a tranquil and secure setting, optimizing health to promote vitality while making you feel fabulous

Intravenous vitamin infusion therapy in Miami has officially transcended the level of passing trend and become a way for ordinary people to reclaim their health.  Though skeptics exist, a recent study shows chemotherapy symptoms caused by malnutrition are alleviated through IV vitamins, giving credence to eccentric celebrities who endorse the practice.  The instant relief that occurs when nutrients are introduced directly into the body – a practice once reserved for the gravely ill and hospitalized – is now available in as little as fifteen minutes.  

Medi-Station Urgent Care understands the benefits of the popular treatment.  In partnership with HealthME Medical Therapies, professional IV vitamin infusion in Miami is now as simple as scheduling a visit. 

It’s important to consult a professional when seeking any medical treatment, but here are a few frequently asked questions a typical patient has when considering IV vitamin infusion.  

What is IV vitamin infusion treatment?

An intravenous vitamin infusion is a liquid mixture of vitamins and minerals inserted into the body through the veins in order to bypass the digestive system.  This circumvents many of the problems that may occur when introducing nutrients orally while allowing them to be absorbed more efficiently through the bloodstream.  

How does an IV nutrient infusion work?

Because they sidestep the digestion process, IV nutrient therapy in Miami have taken a hold.  Whether it be with the sick who have trouble processing foods or those in the clubs burning the candle from both ends, infusions kick-start the nutrition process with a concentrated dose of whatever the body requires.  

Medi-Station Wellness Services’ cocktails include treatment for:

  • Malnutrition 

  • Radiation treatment digestion issues

  • Pain and inflammation 

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Dehydration

  • Fatigue

  • Skin, hair, and outer body aesthetics

  • Hangovers

Who can be helped by IV nutrient infusion?

Anyone can benefit from the advantages of IV infusion in Miami.  This is likely the reason the practice has become so popular.  

No demographic has an exclusive hold on the practice, IV nutrient treatment in Miami helps geriatrics enjoying their golden years and millennials indulging in never-ending weekends.

That said, anyone suffering from an insufficient nutrient intake or digestive issues can gain from IV vitamin infusions.  A valid option for patients who’ve had organs removed or are experiencing trouble eating, even perfectly healthy Vegans find it to be a phenomenal, guilt-free, alternative to eating meat that effectively provides what the body needs.

What’s in the IV bags?

Depending on your ailment and diagnosis, the cocktails mixed by our professionals provide mixtures to help a variety of issues.  In our case, the name says it all.

  • RescueME – A hydrating boost of vitamins and minerals for pain relief.  This infusion aids in a quick recovery from overindulgence in alcohol, overexertion, jetlag, etc.

  • JumpStartMe – Our signature infusion of vitamins and minerals for quick body rejuvenation that keeps you looking/feeling your best

  • DefendMe – Packed with Vitamin C, essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, it boosts the immune system to prevent illness or recover from infirmity  

  • DetoxMe – Supports the liver in eliminating toxic waste and harmful substances from the body by infusing high doses of antioxidants

Each of HealthME’s signature mixtures can be supplemented with boosters for specific enhancements in order to address specific needs.  

Where to get IV therapy in Miami? 

As discussed, you can schedule an appointment with MediStation online.  But the advantage of an IV infusion concierge service in Miami truly sets the practice apart.  

Medi-Station can have a specialist come to you – at home, at work, on the beach – and provide IV nutrient therapy at your convenience.  

Are there any other MediStation IV infusions and treatments?

Besides vitamin infusion, Medi-Station offers a variety of other contemporary treatments.  Modern methods that have transformed how certain illnesses are treated are now available in convenient, effective, and affordable ways.

Treatments available include:

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing – Personalized examination to understand the exact paradigms of your body in order to finetune how it functions on a cellular level

  • Hormone Optimization – Aging lowers hormone levels causing the body’s abilities to diminish.  Hormone treatment slows the decline of sexual, physical, and mental functions due to fluctuations in the thyroid that occur over time.  Low testosterone, menopause, adrenal fatigue, etc., are all treatable

  • Chelation Therapy – Toxic compounds accumulate in vital tissue over time, damaging the body.  Chelation treatment detects these elements and metals to remove them 

  • Weight Management – Individualized programs and support for weight loss using FDA approved medication, quality nutraceuticals, medical nourishment, and IV therapy to achieve your goals

  • Ketamine Treatment – With evidence showing its benefit in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and more, ketamine treatment has revolutionized the way the medical community addresses physical or psychological issues

  • Medical Marijuana – Capable of alleviating a variety of symptoms, Medical Marijuana is a safe and reliable way to improve the quality of life 


Are you considering IV vitamin therapy in Miami?  Contact Medi-Station and schedule an appointment today.


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