One of the inescapable facts of modern life is that stress will come calling in one form or another for every person. It might be job-related, family situations could be the cause or it may be the byproduct of something like a poor diet that’s now delivering pain and causing stress.

A Developing Problem

Not dealing with the effects of stress is never a solution due to the cumulative effect that far too often results in an early death. One area of the body that will be affected by this problem is the colon area near the bowel, with diverticula causing the damage. These are little pockets that develop and cause colon bacteria to ooze out, which can then result in painful infections or inflammation.

When stress is added to the overall picture, the problem of diverticulitis becomes an issue. This is due to the body impulses that will immediately address stressful situations by shifting the oxygen and blood from the digestive tract to the brain and muscles. That leaves both the digestive and immune systems vulnerable to an attack from the diverticula.

The effects of stress are usually attributed to other painful conditions like ulcers or even a heart attack. Yet the bacterial issues created by this particular problem can also deliver a lethal impact, which sometimes results in the affected individual having to undergo surgery to address the issue.

Those Most Affected

Those affected by what’s now commonly referred to as diverticulitis are roughly 20 percent of the population. A much wider spectrum of people may have to deal with a similar-sounding disease, diverticulosis. Here, roughly half of the people from the age of 60 to 80 have to deal with the aforementioned pouches forming. Beyond the latter age, it’s virtually guaranteed to develop, which is something that affected individuals whose health becomes delicate with each passing day need to keep in mind.

Yet others much younger can also fall victim to diverticulitis. That’s because those who are obese, smoke or whose lifestyle is sedentary in nature may also find themselves in this predicament. In addition, a diet filled with high-fat foods and a lack of fiber can be a breeding ground for the onset of this problem.

Symptomatic Signs

Urgent care should be sought if telltale signs of the problem develop. One symptom can run the spectrum from constipation or diarrhea, while nausea can also be part of the overall equation. Things like fever, a tender stomach or pain in your lower left abdomen raise the stakes.

As with any medical condition, miracle cures and supposed helpful hints are prevalent, with most of the advice coming from individuals with no medical training. For example, staying away from chewing on seeds or eating nuts is supposed to ward off such dangers, even though no legitimate medical evidence has been able to bolster such claims.

In the most crucial circumstances, the affected individual’s white cell count will jump, though that won’t be determined until treatment. One noticeable problem that should immediately result in a trip to urgent care is the presence of rectal bleeding.

The Right Place

That’s why heading to the Medi-Station Urgent Care in Miami Shores is always the right thing to do when there’s any hint of this issue. The effects of stress that may have caused this problem will only get worse. Our emergency service and diagnostic services will offer a better chance of pinpointing what health concern is involved. So make sure to contact us at 305-603-7650 today.

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