Summer is just around the corner but if you’re a South Florida resident like us , then you know that we pretty much experience summer-like weather all year roundHowever, May is when we really start experiencing the increase in heat; its that time of year when jeans are swapped out for shorts and we start hitting more of the outdoor and water-related activities. Coincidentally or not, this month its  National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and we are getting excited about all the great opportunities we have this month to get up and get moving.

Do the words Physical Fitness and Sports freak you out? Then let’s try reframing the idea of getting you moving. What’s one activity that you enjoyed as a child that got you up and going? Was it dance, karate, soccer, or swimming? We all had that one activity we preferred over another, and didn’t even think twice about doing. Just because its national physical fitness and sports month you don’t have to head for the hills and sign up for the next crossfit session. Try doing something that you’ll enjoy instead- I guarantee you’ll stick to it if you do.

Visiting South Florida this month?  Then you are in luck, here are three fun ways to get you moving this month South Florida style.

If you’re from the city and  looking for a change of pace, then grab your water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellent and favorite pair of comfy shoes. Head down for a day trip to the Everglades. There you’ll find the Everglades National Park  that offers a 15- mile paved loop frequently visited by hikers and bikers. If that’s not what you are looking for then there is also a one-mile walking trail filled with swamp life and other wildlife to explore along the way. An adventure-trail, now we are talking!

However, if your looking for a bit more excitement in the East side of town, then head out to North Miami Beach, and check out Oleta River State Park. This park has an enchanting nature trail that circles this 1,033-acre park. If you are up for some more fun in the sun, then book a 1.5-hour kayak ride, not only will you enjoy the picturesque water views but you’ll get a sweat on by engaging your core and upper body muscles. Have you worked up an appetite yet? If so then stick around for a beach-side picnic. This park has something for everyone. Don’t forget to take your hats, sunscreen and water bottles with you, oh and lunch for the picnic.

Lastly, if you are avoiding the sun and heat like the plague, then you could always try a dance class. Grab your dancing shoes, grab a partner and head out to your nearest Salsa or Ballroom Dance Studio. I guarantee there is nothing dull about an evening of learning how to use them hips.

Now that we’ve shared some ideas to get you moving, don’t forget to stay hydrated and aware of your body. May 25th is Heat Awareness month and we at Medi-Station Urgent Care take it very seriously. Many don’t realize that heat exhaustion and dehydration due to heat are some of the leading weather-related killers in the United States. With that said, enjoy your outdoor activities responsibly, make sure to keep your hats, water bottles and Medi-Station Urgent Care phone number handy during the South Florida summer season.


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